In 2007 JAZERO, a male folk singing group was founded in Rožkovany and its activities managed to get the attention of the village culture.

The first test performance of folklorists took place during the first year of „Odpustové dni“ in August 2007. In less than two months, the group had prepared its own program and symbolically christened "Dosku Jazera". 

Collaborating In this baptism was representative of Prešov VÚC Mrs. Arvayová with a delegation from the French region of Tyrol. Under the leadership of Anton "Tonča" Šarišský, performed the group consisting of Karol Marhevka, Andrej Štvartak, Miroslav Knut, Jozef Homišan, Bartholomej Martoňák a Jozef Jurčenko. The singers were accompanied by the accordion of Mr. Jozef Šarišský and Mr. Vaclav Pribula. 

The successful performance prompted them to further action growth. Singers Pavol Huba, František Jašek, Mark Pribula, Pavol Kušnír, Vít Šarišský were added and harmonica player Rudolf Knut - a seasoned accordionist who played in the acclaimed band Odeva in the seventies. 

Throughout the singers were accompanied by Klárka Knutová also a future folk singer. On the October 4th 2007 the folklorists attended the 33rd meeting of folk ensembles Šariš region in the cultural house in Sabinove, entitled "Krása životu". 

In the presence of 40 ensembles in a fantastic atmosphere they showcased their art. After successful performances they obtained theirs first diploma and applause of the audience. To thiers address is praised expressed by the doyen of folk customs and songs Mr. Ján Lazorík from Krivany. He praised them for initiative and viability. This is demonstrated by the fact that in two months by a municipal office and sponsors they could ensure full garb clothes. 

A week after the performance in Sabinov, they participated in Jakubova Voľa on the occasion of "Respect for elders day". This Presentation left a great impression for all involved. 

The group regularly participates in competitive activities in our region (Gajdica Andreja Mizeráka in Lúčka, Krása životu in Sabinov, Hornotoryský folklórny festival in Krivany, Košice folklore days, Dubovica fair, Sabinov fair, Pečovská Nová Ves fair) and performs at various festivals in general in Rožkovany and surrounding villages.

An important milestone in the existence of the group was on the December 17th, 2009, when the group registered as a nonprofit organization under the name of Folklore ensemble Jazero Rožkovany.

Another important milestone in the existence of the group was the December 8th 2010, when the group, at the initiative of the head Anton "Tončo" Šarišský, incorporated a female sound. The Women's section was first presented at the joint of Christmas at Sv. Anton opát church in Rožkovany. 

The first joint appearance of male and female groups took place at an event organized on June 11, 2011 "HEJ, V ROŽKOVJANOCH NA VALALE". This event was organized for the second year as the meeting of folklore groups respectively folklorists from the region of Upper Torysa. 

The event was attended by ensembles from many villages of Upper Torysa region. Members of JAZERO for the first time introduced Rožkovany folklore tradition in the new Rožkovany traditional costumes. Thus, not only presented the beauty of folk singing, but also presented beauty of folk traditions visually. 

Folk Ensemble Jazero from its inception until today, continues to work to preserve folk traditions.